Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Here we go end of the weekend I could make many a things with all the tears shed on this day. Alas that is not what I am here to do though. It is Sunday which means it is time to go through some questions and answer them here. If you still are unsure of how to send in your questions all the options are at the top right of the page or if you are lazy just send them to So let's get to it.

I assume you have had a look at the new Tauren Model what do you think?

It is what I expected. Just like the others updated the number of polygons to fit in with the current level of the gaming world. It doesn't look like a model from way back when anymore. What I am really interested in is how this will lead into the new Baine Model. Every other Leader has their own and isn't a small change from the base model. So as it is good to see these updated models they are what is expected while the Baine I expect to be much different.

Without any spoilers was the ending to Lightning Returns a good one?

I would say yes. When games have had multiple releases and plot which has been quite involved you are worried when things end that they won't actually take care of things. I was happy with how things ended. Sure were a couple things that I was like "really" to but it wasn't that it was bad but just wouldn't have been my choice is all. I cannot say I was unhappy with the ending though which is the important thing. If you have played the other games and played through to the end here I don't see how you could be disappointed when it was over.

So TItanfall won't be on PS4 sucks to be you.

Because I was actually looking forward to playing CoD with robots...

There you have it questions answered for the week. Thanks to everyone who sent something in if I answered it on here or not. Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

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  1. I agree do people really care that much about Titanfall and do not realize what it actually is?