Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Never Forget Them

Wednesday middle of the week here we are. Now I get a lot of flack for some posts I do, but it is rarely an occasion I get some for one I didn't do. Last week it wasn't that people were upset with the list I chose to do. It was the fact I didn't do a couples focused list since Valentines was on Friday. So with that in mind I am going to please the masses this week. No I am not going to do my favourite couples because I don't think that would be to interesting or that surprising. I am going to do my favourite couples moments. So here we go

5. Stenier and Beatrix Defend Alexandria - Fina; Fantasy IX

You know there is a lot of talk which goes on and on about how Zidane and Garnet may be one of the best love stories in all of Final Fantasy. Now that may actually be true but this doesn't discount how this moment in Final Fantasy 9 is not only my favourite couples moment in the game, but one of my favourite there is. Anytime I am discussing anything to do with love stories or couples in games this always comes up and it will not be a change. Plus epic music during the whole thing!

4. My Pleasure Darling - Starcraft II Star of the Swarm

Starcraft is mostly known for its Esports endeavors but what some don't know is it has a great story as well. So much happened in this scene with so little words. You can't help watch it without having some feels. Also makes you extremely pumped for the next game.

3.Clowns - Uncharted 2

I know I talk about his moment all the time. It is just that good and how could I even have a couples list without having maybe my favourite video game couple in it. Also this is the ending to Uncharted 2 it's awesome.

2. Christina's Death - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

This scene is just one of those WOW scenes in video games. I said before when I did my death list that nothing really even compared to this one. The impact it had on the character involved was massive. How different would it have been if she lived? The the line so simple but sticks with you requiescat in love

1. Yuna Runs Through Tidus - Final Fantasy X

There are moments and then there is this one. Now the others are great but this is just on such a larger scale and something which I believe made Final Fantasy X the success it was. This is the moment you talk about being the first time it ever happened. This is also the reason I am so looking forward to the HD remaster of this game.

What did you think? Happy, even if it was a  week late?

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  1. That ffx clip gets me every time. Man tears over and over