Friday, February 14, 2014

D3s Vocal Minority

Friday. Yes we are finally here. The day of the week where we can relax and prepare for the weekend. It is also time for the Reader Post and this week I have a submission from Requimourn who is talking about some new announcements in the upcoming Reaper of Souls. Let's see what he has to say.

I usually don't take part in discussions adn normally sit back and watch things appear in front of me, but if just to balance out the negativity regarding the recent announcement a little bit, I wanted to say thank you to Blizzard for taking steps towards making the loot 2.0 a rewarding experience by removing the ability to enchant vanilla items.

Personally, the thought that I needed to start buying items with the best enchanting potential now and, come RoS, I would never be able to find anything better was mind-wrecking.

First of all, what would be the point of playing if I already had the best item the game had to offer?

Second, seeing someone brandishing a perfect enchanted vanilla item would probably make me a sad panda because I would never be able to count myself amongst the best of the best, since I haven't been lucky enough with my drops in vanilla. See, even if a game is seemingly not competitive, people still tend to compete. They do that by comparing their own achievements and/or efficiency with other people's and I'm sure I don't have to mention this, but D3 is a game very much about efficiency.

I can't fathom why so many players seem fixated on keeping their vanilla items and making them imbalanced, when in doing so they pretty much defeat the object of the game - which is always finding better loot to be more effective in finding better loot.

People can be very ignorant about what makes a great game when they have even the tiniest stake to lose. To be honest though, I'm not even worried that Blizzard will revert their decision. I'm sure they realize that the negativity is only generated by the vocal minority, while the vast majority that is/will be appreciative of this stays out of the forums. In fact, I'm pretty certain that all the nay-sayers will eventually be turned around as well.

As always thanks to everyone who sent something in I read them all even if they do not get posted here. Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Is there ever a time people are not complaining about Diablo. I swear it is the only game people play for hurs upon hours then when they talk to people say it is the worst game ever created.