Tuesday, February 18, 2014

You Fail At Lightning Returns If...

Fail Day and I am pretty sure if you have been around here long enough you knew this Fail Day was coming. There may be minor spoilers but nothing major so you really shouldn't be worried about such things. So with the fine print out of the way let's get to it.

You Fail At Lightning Returns If...

  • You are stressed out by the timing factor
  • You don't believe the story should be confusing
  • You like kid Hope
  • You don't make your Lightning look stupid with adornments
  • You don't check libra conditions when complaining a fight is to difficult
  • You cannot perfect guard
  • You don't laugh every time Lightning says "chow chow choco chow"
  • You were not upset when you made catuars extinct
  • You never say "You are not prepared" when Caius talks
  • Gamer tears were not shed for Snow
  • You tried to get the last one for an Anubis
  • You didn't unlock the 13th day
  • Yo didn't name your Chocobo
and finally

  • You think this game is an insult to christians 
Hope you enjoyed it and happy hunting Last Ones!

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  1. It is all about making your Lightning look stupid