Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ok Mr. Estheim

So as always when I play a game which just came out this is not going to contain any spoilers just my thoughts on the game thus far and what I like about it. Mostly do to the fact I want to get back to playing it. So now since that is covered what do I think.

Now I am not going to deny I am a Final Fantasy fanboy I love the games and have since I was a kid. Sure I like some better than others and I am critical when I I don't like something. SO if you are just going to LOL Sqaure and omg remake FF7 already then I don't actually care what you have to say. So what I was expecting before I started playing was a story which gets you right into it right away. I didn't want it  to progress slowly because after all it is supposed to be the end of the world. It doesn't you get right into it and you have the freedom to go to any of the main locations as long as you obey the time constraints. After all the main point of the game is the world is ending you have to do something to prevent it.

This is Square Enix game so you expect top not visuals and they do not disappoint the environments are every you would expect them to be and the character models are probably some of the best if not the best I have come across on the PS3. This of course we take for granted in the series but still worth pointing out.

The battle system is actually better than I expect it punishes you for making mistakes and get rewarded for doing things well. Also being able to move around on the battlefield is nice but it is slow enough that it doesn't seem to matter. I will point out though when dealing with multiple enemies the camera and the movement become much more important to surviving the battle.

The customization is nice and I haven't had the time to go all out with it, but I know when I have the time I will be doing so. I have just been wanting to get right back into the action, which really is the most important thing in my books.

So I like the game especially with what I have gone through thus far. If you enjoy the series or the character it has been a great addition thus far and if you don't want to play the other 2 games but this one looks interesting to you they do a great job at summarizing the story thus far for those needing a catch up. So really what it comes down to is check it out.

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  1. I am liking it. Even thinking it may be the best of the 3 and not even close really.