Saturday, February 1, 2014

Vol'jin, So Modest

Safiree & Gauss
We're Always Epic

Happy Saturday, everyone :) Hope your weeks were amazing. Gauss and I are still playing World of Warcraft, and enjoying every second of it. Except the mass amount of dailies in Pandaria. I've just a couple more to get exalted with until I take a break from them. LFR's are such an amazing/terrible concept. Wish they would've put them in sooner. Terrible because it's like people just came from League of Legends and if you mess up once, they will call you everything they can think of, and insult your mother in some form lol. Awesome because we don't have the stress of relying on 23 others to be on in time for raid. :)

Past week, i've been reading my Arthas book I bought years ago. Upset that I didn't take the time to read it sooner. Just one of those things you never want to end. I love Arthas Menethil and his lore. I hate endings. So as long as I read this book nice and slow I can enjoy it for as long as my excitement will allow. It's amazing the detail that is overlooked in alot of the game itself. I now understand the depth on how beautiful the cinematic after killing The Lich King, is. Happy endings everywhere :D

Official trailer for Elder Scrolls online was really disappointing, and anti climactic. Especially with the music. It was insanely boring. I feel bad for all the fans waiting in anticipation to play it. Anyways, hope you guys have a great week. WE DEFEATED GARROSH!!. I hate trolls, but Vol'jin is pretty cool.- For the Horde!

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  1. Congrats what is up for you guys next now? Any plans?