Thursday, February 6, 2014

How Important Is A Voice Actor?

Gamers like many other people hate change. We get used to something and when something changes even the smallest things we get up in arms about it. We care about the games we play and when something happens which we think may change the experience and love we have for that game we go crazy. This is why deaths of characters especially well liked and loved ones never go over with the community well. Even if the story fits and helps the game progress it will never make people forget about it.

With all of that in mind I say Voice acting is important. Just looked at what has happened when it was announced David Hayter is no longer going to be the voice of Snake, and that game isn't even out yet. Remember the uproar when Tricia Helfer became the new voice of Sarah Kerrigan the community went mad. No one can say she has done a bad job she has done a marvelous job with it but I don't think anyone could forget the threats to boycott the game over it.

Change has to happen and I am one who realizes this sometimes people aren't available or maybe someone will just do a better job. Now of course if tomorrow I found out Nolan North was no longer going to be the voice of Drake I would be confused and probably angry but I would respect Naughty Dogs choice because I think they know what is best for their game and what works. Just don't ever expect me to not remember the way things used to be.

So if you learn anything from this post my fellow gamers change can be good after all don't our own voices change as we get older? Respect when changes are made but just don't forget the way things used to be.

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  1. Think of it this way. How many are upset when casting changes happen?