Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Didn't that just come so quickly. Seems like last week I was here typing and in anticipation of Reaper Of Souls. Now I have spent most of the week playing it. So excuse me if the questions or the week for that matter have been Reaper Of Souls focused, but most of you know when I get into a game it takes over most of the week. So shall we answer some questions then?

Do you think the Act V bosses are too difficult?

Truthfully? No. Now I do believe they are much more difficult for specific heroes, but it really does depend on your spec. You also have to remember you are not penalized now for switching specs before a boss so it is a good process to go through to think about the current spec you are using. Recognize that some bosses are melee friendly, some have large spikes in damage and plan accordingly. If you just want to use your fastest spec for farming and then complain a boss is too difficult then you really are the one who is at fault.

So you were all excited about Adventure Mode was it all you thought it would be?

Now I have played it a bit and it really is what I expected it to be. It will make paragon farming and gear farming so much more enjoyable and not so repetitive. People always complain about games like how Diablo used to be with the endless grinding. I don't find it fun in any game it is in, but it was something you just had to do. You really are still doing the farming, but now it is not the same thing every time or doing the same story over and over again. Change is good and it makes the game and your experience fresh.

Got any spoilers for RoS?

Sure Malthael is in the game.

There you have it questions answered for the week. Enjoy what is left of your weekend and remember maggot spewing illusionist packs can be tons of fun!

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