Friday, March 7, 2014

If The War Was A Real One

So for those of you who don't know this book, which is the trail of Garrosh, comes out on May 6th. Now this is going to be the pre-expansion novel which will get us into the story of Warlords of Draenor. Now I have been having a lot of discussions with people on what exactly is going to take place. Many of them very thought out. The Most interesting one I have had though was if Azeroth was in the real world would would actually happen. I give you Madassa take for this week's Reader Post.

The thing we can imagine that both sides would sit down at a table after the fighting for the seige had died down and the last of the Garrosh loyalists had either surrendered or been dealt with. 

Both sides would discuss a peace treaty and repatriations to be made. And I don't really see the Alliance going and slapping a treaty that was as harsh as the Treaty of Versailles on the Horde. The Horde would probably be limited in what armed forces it could have in terms of size of the army, X number of warships and airships, probably ordering the scrapping of any of the Hammer Class Heavy Gunships (head cannon name for 'em) as well as handing over any and all research and material relating to Azsharite explosives and Mana-bombs for a starter.

Then its payments of gold to the Alliance who would then divvy it up themselves as well as X amounts of resources, wood, ores etc, this could be compensated for with shipments of food to ensure there's not another famine. 

The Horde would probably give up the Arathi Highlands as well as withdrawing fully from Gilneas and southern Silverpine. Sylvanas would probably demand that they keep Hillsbrad and they would be right to do so, its important to the defence of the Undercity. The Horde would fully withdraw from Ashenvale but would in turn recive shipments of wood and meat from the region for housing and food/hides. The Alliance would probably withdraw from the Southern Barrens as a gesture of good will but keep Northwatch as a major stronpoing as well as possibly rebuilding Theramore (New Theramore perhaps?)

There would be a general demilitarisation of Northrend, and the Horde in its current state probably can't afford to keep its garrisons there. Pandaria would see both sides withdraw in full whilst helping the Pandaren defeat the Sha (seeing as killing them now = perma-death). Pandaria has a chance to become a major exporter of foodstuffs to both sides.

As for the trial it would not just be Garrosh on trial, but any of his surviving military commanders too. But i'd see them being put on trial in Ogrimmar. Those who were part of the enlarged Kor'kron (the Garroshtapo) who were involved in any executions of prisoners and were 'just following orders' for example as well as military commanders put into their position during Garrosh's regime. 
For the worst criminals they would be executed, others could be imprisoned or handed over to the alliance for crimes committed against them whilst Officers could be demoted, dismissed or imprisoned. The Horde would need to get a lot of new officers and leaders no matter what happens to them as most of those put in place by Garrosh would be removed from their posts.

Thank you to everyone who sent something in and thanks to everyone who I have been having a conversation with about this coming book. Keep them coming!

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  1. So the tr of the Vale then? This makes a good point though how much things would be different. I am excited about this book and knowing how possibly Garrosh could escape and if Wrathion in involved.