Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What's Up Chickenbutt

Wednesday already eh? Seems like the week only just begun. Everyone liking the Final Fantasy X/X-2 remaster? Will do my thoughts on it tomorrow but so far it has brought back some memories from years past. Enough of that till tomorrow though. Wednesday means there should be a list coming, and what did I decide for this week's list? Well Cooperative  play in a game is something which when done right can be a lot of fun. The game because so much more enjoyable or really an only really be played for fun when it is played with others. So this week I am going to take a look at my favourite Co op games.

5. Portal 2

Never has a brain teaser game been so much fun. Playing this game and all its hilarious portal uses is just an experience in itself. I truly believe we will be hard pressed to ever find a game like this ever again.

4. River City Ransom

Back to my childhood. Really one of the first real non linear type games. This game was really made to be a co op experience which you would want to take part in over and over again. It never got old beating others up with your bat.

3. Magicka

Not only is this game a parody of other games you have played, but really is an entirely different game when playing in co op. Not only that is you actually enjoy destroying your teamates for nothing other then pointless hilarity or maybe because you liked their weapon. Either way the fun factor is one of a kind.

2. Trine

Trine is a game which has everything and the elements of having to use your teammates to complete certain objectives. It is completely team focused and failing is just as fun as succeeding. 

1. Contra

Often mistaken as the first ever cooperative game doesn't take away from really how game changing this game was. Not only was it fun to run around shooting everything you came across but the game also involved a challenge. One which ever makes it one of the most difficult games you will ver play. The game was an achievement to defeat and one which involved fist pumping with your buddy when the impossible was finally achieved.

There you go this week's list all done. This was a surprising hard list to come up with as I had to leave some off that I didn't think would actually be possible. I am happy with it though as I am sure experiences while playing the game actually change your view of it. So be sure to let me know yours or what you think of mine.


  1. I forgot about how amazing river city ransom was. Wish they still made games like that

  2. No Diablo? Or Double Dragon although I did notice the post is named after Double Dragon.