Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Could We Find More Like That?

Here we are the middle of the week and the second day Reaper of Souls has been with us. Tomorrow as per custom will be my little review for the new game I am playing for the week, no spoilers of course. Today though for this week's list I thought I would give you a count down of my favourite memories of Diablo. Now yours will be completely different, but hey this is my list.

5. Error 37

The game was going to be released everywhere at exactly the same time. What could possibly go wrong right? So here we were up till 3am ready for that 12am PST launch when it happened. Everyone in the world was trying to log in at the same exact time. No one could get in we kept trying and trying and it was 5am till I went to bed. Sure it was disappointing but it was also hilarious when one of us got pat the first stages of logging in only to be kicked out.

4. You Cannot Judge Me

Still my favourite cinematic from the game. The line itself gives you chills the first time you hear it. Every single time a new character is made I watch it.

3. Killing Diablo The First Time

Sure it was on Normal mode, but it was still the end of the game. I was the only one alive and really this was a moment which took more than a decade to happen. Sure it has happened countless times since then and I would say my first inferno kill before all the nerfs happened to be more of a challenge but this is the kill which was the most memorable

2. Hardcore Deaths

Hardcore deaths just happen. Sure your first couple characters you may get attached to but you learn not to. Then the deaths become inside jokes between you and your friends. Doesn't matter if it was a sand twister, wall of fire, egg sack, bull charging off screen, or the dreaded Moon Clan Warrior they will always be remembered.

1. Kormac

Kormac has become an icon. All of his quotes the things he says just become punch lines to everything. There are conversations you hate Leah and her Inn for instance but you will always smile when Kormac says something and for that we salute him.

There you have it this week's list. What were your favourite moments and have you already had some RoS moments which have topped them?

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  1. Kormac how did we ever play games without you