Friday, March 21, 2014

The List Of Things Diablo Has Taught Me

So here we are on Friday the Friday before the new Diablo Reaper of Souls comes out. Now I got quite a few interesting posts for the  Reader Post this week but I decied that I wanted something Diablo themed. Also I had this thought we Ziggie and I were having a conversation about the things Diablo has taught us about the world. So I decided to list a few of my favourites to make you all laugh and smile, and pump the tires of the expansion.
  • There are always more hidden footprints
  • Black Magic will bar your way
  • Zombies end up killing business
  • A blacksmith needs more than making spades to occupy his time
  • At the end of a hallway there is always a dead body
  • I don't care about anyone opening an Inn
  • You cannot judge justice itself
  • We no longer can stay awhile and listen
  • I have been saying the word "terror" incorrectly my entire life
  • The light is both a figurative and literal foe of evil
  • Templar's have great eyesight as they always see that enemy over there
  • There is no need to be snide
  • Go be swift!
  • Bul-Kathos guides my hand
  • The rest of the thieves guild will find you
  • You are a fool to seek an audience with an emperor
  • There is no point if asking Marta is alright
  • Miners work their hands to the bone
  • Human flesh tastes better than Zombie flesh
  • A sword can be a cure for Amnesia
  • If someone likes to laugh like a maniac after each and ever sentence he probably shouldn't be trusted
  • Never promise Macro you can protect him
  • I can open this gate for you
Those are just some of my favourites there are countless more. You could basically make a list with everything that comes out of Kormac's mouth. Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. Could we find more like that?

  2. It is important to tell people where you are invading from before you do it