Friday, March 28, 2014

So That Was It

So here we are on Friday and I I know there hasn't been a Reader Post in a couple weeks and that really doesn't have anything to do with no good submissions it has more to do with the fact of the days Friday fell on. Today though do have a Reader Post and it is an interesting one. Mostly do to the fact it is the first thing I thought as well. So I present you Mr. Kowalski and his thoughts

Was a great game, but I'm extremely disappointed simply because there is no amazing, epic, glorious ending Full CGI Cinematic that we all love from Blizzard. I feel ripped off.

I don't even care if the ending is good or bad, I just wanted it to see it in Full Glorious CGI like only Blizzard does. 

Every Blizzard game, except for WoW, has the opening and the ending as a majestic CGI Cinematic. All those hours of playing the adventure mode just to watch that beautiful cinematic and suddenly, there is no such. It was such a let down. I'm staying with Starcraft, even though it has like 20% of the Diablo fan bese, it has more cinematics, I just hope they don't decide to do the same for the second expansion Legacy of the Void, since it's the epic conclusion and it must have a badass epic ending cinematic. 

I think Blizzard made such a lazy decision to not put a CGI ending Cinematic. Money wasn't the problem, since seeing how much they gained from Diablo 3.

I just think they wanted the ending to be classed focused but in the end was still a little disappointed.

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  1. While a full CGI would have been nice I get the feeling this was the best way to show each character in there own light rather than have another tyrael focused ending.