Thursday, March 27, 2014

Maybe If You Lost As Much As I Have

So Reaper of Souls you all wondering what I am thinking? Well it is simple. I think it is pretty sweet the story although the ending being some what predictable was well put together. I really don't have any complaints and really was nothing I actually expected to be the case.

The gear curve seems to be at the perfect balance. I was getting upgrades but not crazy amounts to make the game not worth playing to improve yourself. The difficulty I really like. It is a challenge they really put effort into the boss mechanics which in vanilla Diablo some of the bosses were quite disappointing even if patch 2.0 fixed them.

Also like how the artisans and the followers were made more apart of the experience something which wasn't really the case before. Now it wasn't something I was expecting and was happy they did it in the end.

Lastly the music I think will be overlooked but really is one of my favourite things so far. You really get the feel for each and everywhere you are and truthfully the setting is what makes a great game.

So there you have it my no spoilers look at how Reaper of Souls is. I really have no complaints even when I am searching for them. If you are holding back on giving it a try I think you will be quite surprised really at how fun and awesome it is to play.

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  1. Agreed the game is playing great and I am having a ton of fun playing it. Would tell anyone to do the same.