Wednesday, March 12, 2014


So I woke up this morning and really couldn't believe it was already the middle of the week. Really just seemed like the weekend was still around and I was complaining about losing an hour of sleep. Really did just sneak right up on me. Now I am babbling, but  it is Wednesday and Wednesday means it is time I put together a list. Now what list do I have in store this week? Well it is simple really. There are games out there that we all know and love and sometimes those games have a sequels sometimes they are awful and then their are those games which are just part of a special breed. Here is my list for those.

5. Starcraft II

Now Starcraft and Starcraft Brood war were amazing games, which I probably put way more time into then I care to admit. Not only did they have a great competitive scene but the story involved in them was something never seen in an RTS game. Starcraft II though has changed gaming. Sure the Esports scene was around before Starcraft II, but it has grew bigger then anyone could have ever predicted because of Starcraft II. Not only that this game made watching streams really be a thing. It has forever changed the way gaming is.

4. Super Mario Bros 3

Now this game holds a special place in my heart. I could tell you ever secret every warp tube or anything else you can possibly think of. Out of any game involving the plumbers to me it is always compared to the fun I had with this game. I still enjoy laying it and that is saying something. Maybe it is childhood nostalgia but this game is epic.

3. Diablo II

Now Diablo wasa good game. I wouldn't say it was a great or amazing game but it was a good game. It really was the birth of the ARPG genre we know today. Diablo II though is the reason that genre is what it is today. Without this game there would be know God of War, Assassin's Creed, or Diablo III for that matter. This game is  still played today decades later . Now I often rip into people who complain about Diablo III, but it really has to do with how game changing this game was.

2. Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Of all the games which made me a gamer it was this one. Sure I played other games before this one, but this is one I practiced. I wanted and needed to be the best of my friends. Not only that but this game really is the reason for fighting games popularity. Sure there were others around but none were as out in the open as this was. Was in every arcade and anyone who was serious about gaming had it in their collection, and of course would complain about M Bison and Sagat being OP.

1. Uncharted 2

Uncharted 2 is not only one the best sequel ever made it is one of the best games in my eyes to ever be made. It has a story which keeps you engaged and would have best picture written all over it if it was a movie. Not only and the game was the right kind of difficult had perfect landscapes and sound. Truthfully if you have never had the pleasure of playing it you are missing out.

There you have it. Any thoughts? Been sure to let me know some way or another.


  1. OMG I love SSF2T even the new remastered version is still as epic. Lots of great times and memories.

  2. I don't know how anyone could argue about uncharted 2 being the best sequel because as you said it is one of the best games ever. Make sure I play it at least once a year. Who doesn't love fighting a tank with rocket launchers

  3. smb 3 isn't a sequel its a play documenting the goings on of the first Mario, furthermore its a third game the sequel would be smb2, if I had such a list its very similar only take out street fighter 2 for mortal kombat 2 replace smb 3 with sonic 2, being the better game anyways, but if you were to compare smb 3 to sonic 3 the former would be found wanting. finaly I have no idea cuz I didn't play uncharted series but id say warcraft 2 and dune 2 tie for first place because wc 2 started it all, and dune 2 set the standard for future generations to achieve. BTW after 9 hours of hacking my own computer its fixed... yay I guess. ~Khul

    1. Woot on computer. Believe I said sequels in general but yes I do get your point. All good games though