Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Now You Are Playing With Power

So I was asked the other day why I hate the Xbox so much and why I am so against it. Now it mostly comes down to the fact how I think it is just made for a different age group and how its specific releases I have no interest in. Now people confuse this with how I think the Xbox is a horrible system overall. That then gave me an idea for this week's list. How about my thoughts on the worst consoles ever made? I like it, so let's do it.

5. Pippin

This was supposed to be Apple's gateway into the console market instead it was nothing short of a failure. Not only did it have one of the worst designed controllers in terms of modern systems but no real gaming company wanted to make games for this. When gaming companies don't want to make games for a system why would anyone ever want to buy one?

4. 3DO

Anytime people talk about overpriced systems I always point to this one. Now sure the graphics engine was slightly ahead so maybe they "had" reason too. This actually had games and probably did have the Best Street Fighter II I had the pleasure of playing at the time. Problem was this system really couldn't decide if it was for gaming or multimedia. It met it's end when the other systems based it in performance and it had to lower its price.

3. CD-I

Oh the CD-I now if you thought the 3DO was overpriced then this one would take the cake. Back in 1991 when this came out it was retailing for $1400 in terms of today that would retail for over $2200. That is insane. Problem with this system besides the price was that it was slow and really didn't have it in it to make games which were at a faster pace. This really turned into a great system for educational games or some of the old school golfing games but when it came down to it that is about it. Basically Phillips entered a market they really didn't understand and were just trying to make a buck or too many.

2. Action Max

The creators of Lazer Tag brought us this. This system produced an incredible five "games" I say game slightly because they were just VHS tapes pretending to be games. Basically you plug in your gun and shoot at a movie. Yes that was it I know incredibly exciting how did this thing ever fail?

1. Virtual Boy

Now there is bad and then there is how was this ever made. This was a system which offered virtual reality but really was just 3D typish gameboy graphics which we got to see in breathtaking black and red. If you used it for a longer period of time you would walk around seeing red. Now keep in mind this was out the same time as the PS1 and had a pending N64 release. How was this thing ever created and why did someone just not slap them in the face when they suggested it.

There you have it this week's list. Do you think anything else was worse then these? Did you actually enjoy these consoles? Let me know.


  1. IS it bad I have no heard of some of these?

  2. I'll counter your Action Max with my Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future. Maybe not quite console-enough to qualify but definitely in the same general vein. :)