Thursday, March 20, 2014

Just Whistle

So what can I say I have been playing the Final Fantasy X/X-2 remastered. Although haven't got to X-2 yet and I am playing them in order so there is that. What can I say besides how you sometimes forget how much fun a game was until you go back and play it. The sphere grid was such an interesting way to progress your characters back then and it hasn't changed. Besides the Expert feature which does change your play style quite a bit.

Now the story itself nothing has changed so I am not really going to get into that at all. The graphics themselves as you would expect in a remaster have had a serious upgrade but that isn't the biggest thing you notice. The largest thing is the sound quality and for a games whose music and sound bites are one that I remember quite fondly and I cannot complain and can in fact praise. One funny thing though is because of the increase in graphic representation it is obvious the mouths don't perfectly match the speech but fora game which came out over 10 years ago what can you expect.

That was another thing I realized when I launched this game up it has been over 10 years since I first played the game and that was actually quite hard to believe. Not to mention 10 plus years and we still don't have a Blitzball stand alone game. If you did play it before you will get all those nostalgic feelings every step of the way. which I think they were really baking on. Now it definitely is the best remaster I have played thus far, but it is the newest and was a game I thoroughly enjoyed when it came out in the first place so there is that to be taken  into consideration.

This is the first remastered I have played that made me think and excited for some possible other remasters in the future we may see. Also getting a new couple game before I immerse myself in that which is Reaper of Souls next week is nice as well.

So for those playing it enjoy your trip down memory lane and maybe if you are a Final Fantasy X/X-2 first timer I hope you enjoy one of the better stories video games has brought us over the years.

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  1. Still waiting for the ff7 remake I will never get.