Monday, March 31, 2014

The Kenway Family Saga

Here we go time to feel like crap it is Monday morning after all. Spring might have finally made its appearance here but I am not holding my breath on that one. Play the waiting game and see how it goes. Getting on to Monday Business ever since I shared the last Assassin's Creed video many of you have been asking for more of them. So I looked through a bunch of my favourite and came to he conclusion I would share "The Kenway Family Saga". I think it was done extremely well and really brings out the story of the family. So have a watch it is quite worth your time

Enjoy the last day of March things in the gaming world as always will be interesting tomorrow.

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  1. Wow that was pretty awesome. I know people love Ezio and I do too but I think the kenway story is a lot more interesting