Thursday, March 6, 2014

Time To Get Over It

So I have been playing the new Diablo patch the last few days and thought I would just talk about the patch but the main reason why people might be against the new loot system. So there is a group of people which is screaming how BoA is going to destroy something very important part of Diablo, that being trading.

Now I understand people like to find things and want there to be a purpose for them if they cannot use them. This makes sense but this in no means trading is one of the most important parts of Diablo. It means you wanted something for something you didn't need. Now you really can't do that anymore. I say really because yes you won't be able to trade it to someone else but you still will be able to use the materials from it in the forms of crafting. Is this what people really want? For the most part I would say people like this. Not to mention the drops are more tailored to you so it is less likely you will get a legendary drop which won't be a use of to you.

What people need to realize drops being better overall means you will feel better about looking at the loot you are finding. Also people need to think about also is the fact you are max level and have been for awhile so the fact you are not finding the most amazing upgrade when you had the auction house available to you. I can tell you from playing through hardcore lately the upgrades have been great and at points I have been thinking too good at times.

The game is about having fun yes but realize fun is getting something which has been worth your time playing. Sitting in a channel trying to unload something you don't want for someone else's thing they dind't want is not fun for anyone it was just a means to an end.

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  1. People complain for the sake of complaining. Will never truly be happy with anything. I really feel they would complain if someone just handed anything you wanted