Friday, March 14, 2014

My Life For Pi

Happy Pi Day everyone!

Yes it is that day. On March the 14th we celebrate all things Pi. Now many people confusing this holiday as a geek or nerd thing. Rightfully so I guess as it may have that kind of flare to it. It isn't your normal type of holiday. It is a day named after a number a number which appears anywhere and everywhere you can possible see. So we eat Pie to celebrate Pi, but that really is where the Math silliness ends.

Pi Day is about things coming full circle. Realize where you have been and where you are now. It represents the classes we sat in and learned and the people we met along the way. It is the memories of those time when you really have no idea how you ended up where you were. It is about those times when you told a story to 50 people and 49 of them already know it. It is about the people who have come and gone and those who you realize will never be replaced. It is the day you shake your head in wonder about how some things just take so long to do.

You see Pi day is not some silly day made for Math Nerds. Pi Day is a day for celebration for the things you choose to celebrate. You decide what is important and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. 

Pi day is about realizing there is no other day like it. So wish someone a Happy Pi Day and if they look at you weird just smile and say "Yes Happy Pi Day".