Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ninja Launch

So if you didn't hear Hearthstone Launched on Tuesday. Kind of came out of nowhere. Yes they have been saying they were getting close to release and all of that, but I don't think anyone truly expect them to just launch the game without even a word. Now this really doesn't change anything for the game really besides the few latest patch notes. You keep all of your cards, your wins, your ranks, and your gold. Really the game just isn't in beta anymore.

Now with all that in mind do I think this game will be successful now that it is launched? First off I have a ton of fun playing Hearthstone and I never thought I would say that about a card game. It really is something if you haven't experience it is something you should. So all of you people putting it off it is free to play and now isn't even in beta so check it out. Also for all the WoW players you get a free mount if you play Hearthstone for a couple hours. Yes a free mount. So go play. With that in mind Blizzard has to stay on top of it. Add some cards as often as their is seasons almost otherwise people are going to get bored with it. Playing against and with the same decks isn't exciting. Sure there will be new things out of the blue or the odd thing you haven't seen but really they are all the same. Having been part of the beta for quite some time I have seen it. The game is released now so there really isn't the it is in beta and we are testing things excuse.

Now this is Blizzard's first free to play game so they are learning on the go. Also Hearthstone is quite a small team compared to their other gaming teams so they have some slack. I want this game to succeed because I have tons of fun playing it. Khulk and I can attest to playing the same person over and over again is actually quite fun. Talking about decks or even making ones which are completely out there. I am hoping here Blizzard I know you won't let me down!


  1. Did come out of no where didn't it. Wish Blizzard all the luck i nthe world have a lot of games coming out in a flurry.

  2. impossible to sum up so much fun in 2 to 3 word quip like "eat my 30-30 lightspawn" or UNLEASH THE HOUNDS" or SOB if u kill deathwing one more time..." or have you ever seen my trent parade" or boo-yeah bitch resto pally." or my personal favorite "Why WHY WHYYY, why cant I kill you with illidan!! ~Khulk
    P.s. u know ur playing with fire when gauss pops 3 or 4 rags in a mater of 2 turns.
    p.p.s. or hes on his lock is at 14 health and you still haven't hit him.