Tuesday, March 4, 2014

You Fail At The New Diablo Patch If...

Diablo III probably the most pretended to hate game on the planet. I still find it hilarious how so many people were all "Game sucks", "Why do you play that crap", "Are you kidding me really?", but yet they are the ones who were first online for the latest Diablo patch. Now  with that in mind there was a new Diablo patch and what is it all about? Well that is what Fail Day is for isn't it?

You Fail At The New Diablo Patch If...

  • You didn't know there was a new patch
  • You are all excited to play your Whirlwind Barb again
  • You told someone "they really should make paragon account wide don't you think?"
  • You are wondering why that fancy new legendary that dropped can't go on the Auction House
  • You are buying gear off the auction house
  • You spent hours trying to find Inferno mode
  • You are loving playing your new crusader
  • You don't find "How is that critical mass wizard working for you?" funny
  • You were not expecting those adds on Siegebreaker
  • You are confused how you died to jailer
  • Your mouse left click doesn't work
  • You dislike BoA
  • You haven't figured out what "Tab" is for
  • You are confused whey you cannot use your 4th passive
  • You haven't killed the Skeleton King to get your free legendary

and finally

  • You are still going on about the glory days of Diablo II when we were 4 years old.
There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Happy demon slaying everyone!


  1. That face is my face when I see Lunatics on hardcore

    1. Those are never fun died to the act 2 ones once

  2. "You are still going on about the glory days of Diablo II when we were 4 years old."

    Who's "we", young'un?


    Oh, I do remember. I'd love to claim those came out 20 years before the glorious year of my birth, but... that would be more than slightly incorrect. And those games WERE awesome... and as a huge bonus, portable, something to do during long drives to arenas around the province... and when the battery ran out 5 minutes after you left the house, it was TRAGIC. Despite that, I never learned to carry a spare 9V. I may have been a bit of an idiot back then, apparently their joy of my suffering outweighed any parental perk points that they'd have accrued by mentioning that idea to me. And in hindsight, that seems perfectly fair, reasonable and most likely absolutely correct analysis.

  3. It was a stab at 2 people I know. They were rather young when D2 came out.

    I remember those. Don't know how happy I am about that though. Speaking of weird systems though tomorrow you may be in for treat...kind of.