Tuesday, April 1, 2014

You Fail At Reaper Of Souls Bosses If...

Fail Day! Oh yes here we are again. Many of you have been asking me if I have had any luck in public games. Honestly, I haven't taken part in any of them. Mostly because my experience with public games in the past of ended up with me having to do everything will the rest all are laying there dead. Now the new bosses are much more difficult the the Vanilla bosses for the most part and I figured I would give you my version of a guide for them. Now this may contain slight spoilers for the fights but nothing story based, so keep that in mind before you start complaining.

You Fail At Reaper Of Souls Bosses If...
  • Falling debris is memorizing to you
  • You still believe fire gives haste
  • You believe an angel with a flamethrower only needs a hug
  • When someone points a gun at you, you stop what you are doing wave and take it to the face
  • You think glowing pink circles are the start of a game of twister
  • You think standing in a pool of blood is the new thing
  • You didn't realize the witch keeps telephoning back to the same spot
  • You think throwing projectiles at someone reflecting them is a great plan
  • You thought those blue swirlies were fireflies
  • You take the charge from Malthael to the face every time
  • You concept of standing behind someone is a difficult one
  • You have always wanted to get lost in the clouds
and finally
  • You have to open your game to the public in order to get the boss kill
There you have it this weeks edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it and hopefully you have better luck this week!


  1. Public games and Urzael might be the worst thing ever. Dont do it

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