Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ask Gauss

Sunday! That weekend and week went so fast, not to mention this Easter week just came out of no where. Where does the time go? Sunday does mean something though besides a new episode of Game of Thrones. It means it is time to answer some questions for Ask Gauss. Some of you may still be asking how to send in such questions. Well that is simple. Top right of the page or you can just email them directly to

So I often hear you talking about Hardcore characters in Diablo is it really worth the risk?

Well first off it is more of a challenge. Your character can die at any time and then the process starts all over again. To me though it is an added element into the game. It makes you a better player overall because you learn to accept danger and respond to them when you go back to playing softcore. Sometimes bad things happen. On Friday my last character to get to 70 Hardcore my Demon Hunter died at 69 because I got cornered by 2 elite packs of frogs. There wasn't too much to do about it. Sure it sucked but after a few deaths you learn to accept these things, and so I started a new one. All i can really say if you have attachment issues it probably isn't for you.

So Hearthstone Naxx?

What the game needs some new cards to make the builds you play and play against to have slightly more variety. Unless you are just messing around with friends currently you are basically playing decks which are min/max and meant to shoot you up the ladder. Not that this is a problem its bot the problem is with the amount of cards in the game is that when you get to specific ranks if you are playing such and such a class you know exactly the deck they are going to be playing, and that really isn't the most fun thing which could be going on.

Did you see that Heroes of the Storm Brightwing trailer? I feel like I am going to have nightmares forever now.

First off for those who haven't

But yes slightly disturbing.

There are the questions for the week. Thanks for everyone who sent something in and we will do it all over again next week.


  1. That video has ruined my ability to sleep for days

  2. okay so what worries me is its alternate skins cuz diablo turns into a gorlock. This could get bad...