Friday, April 25, 2014

For Khaz'Modan!

Warcraft has a vast history of leaders who have came and gone. Some of them had their time in the sun while others had their moments but truly didn't reach their full potential. Magni Brozenbeard Warcraft's version of "The King Under the Mountain" is exactly one of the characters. One who I have always enjoyed but then story stopped short just when I was starting to like him more. You can visit him currently down in Old Ironforge and see his body encased in diamond. Is he dead? Well for this week's Reader Post Raelion has an interesting take on it.

Some people I've spoken to, while it be in trade or in guild, say Magni is dead.

In my thoughts, it seems too easy to just kill off a major capital leader so quickly. Although I am Horde for life, I've been having this feeling that something big is on the way and I'm feeling that Magni will return in an expansion soon. 

From what I remember from the videos of him turning to diamond or reading about it, was that he had read a tablet or something that began to turn his body and to protect himself he used his Stone Form but he would ultimately become encased in a Diamond shell. Now he's been sitting like this since the Cataclysm, and I feel there is potential for his story to rise.

From what I am thinking is that they are saving him for a future expansion that has to deal with the End Time. Those of you who remember the End Time instance, you had the faction leaders of sorts be corrupted and Nozdormu himself was the infinite leader known as Murozond. Though we may have stopped it in that potential reality, I get the feeling it is bound to happen no matter what. This also puzzles me as how are we to time travel in the upcoming expansion.

I feel that Nozdormu does regain his powers however he possibly can. Whether it be from the call from the old gods corrupting him over time or whatever, but the issue is that a lot of things start to become unstable. Though we stopped the potential reality from happening, who is to say that it won't happen still? What I feel may happen is the old gods are released in some fashion and Sargeras may be the one to who played a hand at their release. I don't know, I'm just thinking here. You have the faction leaders and key characters starting to spiral out of control; one example: Jaine Proudmoore. 

Even though she went berserk when Theramore was blown to bits, she still even went against her allegiance or fought Thrall and the one to calm her was Kalecgos. Her rage and twisted mind would even be seen in a way at the end of the Siege of Orgrimmar where she wanted to dismantle the Horde. Maybe its just her new way of thinking, or maybe she is starting to fall. 

So what I feel is that the first steps of Azeroth's impending doom is finally coming and what we know, the End Time shall show what we have to face. The world will more than likely become desolate and there will be some refuge here and there, some main characters die, but I feel that Magni, while he is encased in Diamond will soon break out of that, perhaps stepping out as a Titan to help save Azeroth from Sargeras and the Burning Legion and further aiding with the Pantheon.

I feel that Magni has found a way to leave his body physically and his spirit itself is able to travel to their world, is counselling and honing skills that when he returns before, during or AFTER the End Time apocalypse happens, he'll be a major character to save the world... of Warcraft.

Once again thank you to Raelion and everyone else who has sent something in. I always enjoy Lore thoughts and speculation as it gets my mind going on possible scenarios. So maybe I did that for all of you today as well, and with that enjoy your weekend!


  1. I do hope he comes back would give the the dwarven people something to be happy about and would stop Moria from taking over

  2. Magni is the main character I miss the most. If they do bring him back hope it is done right and not just to do it.