Tuesday, April 29, 2014

You Fail At Fail Day If...

So here we are on yet another Fail Day. You know the day where we poke fun at the things you do, someone you know does, someone who you have no idea who they are does, or something I may do. Why do we do this? Well it makes us smile and feel slightly better about ourselves. How do some people take it? The wrong way. Thus the inspiration for today' Fail Day.

You Fail At Fail Day If...
  • You are easily offended
  • Your ability to take a joke is often impaired
  • You believe your Xbox is the be all and end all
  • Your shit don't stink
  • The most often reason for you losing is because of lag
  • Your mother made you breakfast
  • You believe in being politically correct
  • You don't understand my hatred for ret pallies
  • You think this is all about personal attacks
  • You are currently writing an email response to this post
  • The most common word used to describe you is entitled
  • You mistook me for someone who cared about your "feelings"
  • You think the thing the earth revolves around is you and not the sun
and finally
  • You write an angry email to me thinking it will make a difference in how I do things
There you have it this Fail Day all complete. If you take anything from this be it not to take everything so serious.

1 comment:

  1. It really is the current generation thinking everything is about them. How they deserve everything just handed to them like they are something truly special. I enjoy fail day come here every Tuesday just to laugh at things I do, have done it will most likely do in the future. Keep it up sir.