Friday, April 4, 2014

Just A Little More

Here we are on yet another Friday and time for another Reader Post. What do we have this week? Well I can tell you there were a lot of Diablo submissions and rightfully so I would think since the game is fresh. A lot of them though talked about the same thing the post Edgeofthorns submitted. Now I agree with it and I don't and after you read it I think it is actually worth thinking abut.

I am sitting here wanting to make D3 my go to game for the next year or two easily, I enjoy ARPGs to death and while I don't have the TIME I used to have, I still can play daily and a good 3-5 hours a day for the most part, give or take a few.

My wizard I started a week ago and is lvl 70 paragon 50 I think, ive sunk in about 60 hours in a little over a week and for me that's a good bit of time, I realize others can do more...but im at the point where im not running bounties and rifts daily nonstop, and im just getting that burn out feeling simply because I just feel I need a few more carrots dangling at the end of the stick, just a small percentage bump.

The game isn't an MMO so im not sure why it has to be at such an insane rate on so many things. Like bloodshards, I realize its meant to be like a lotto but come on now, this is a video game for entertainment, not 500 million dollars. Id like to think that the rate could be a little higher.

Heres my final thought. You will keep me playing this game longer Blizzard if you simply reward me a little more for my time and effort, just a little more...not asking for an overdose of items. But if I get a little more ill last longer and grind more. But grinding and spending sometimes 2-3 hours to get a paragon level or 2 maybe, with nothing really to show for growth is a fast way to really burn out many folks I really believe.

I want nothing more than to level and work on 2-3 solid characters...but I need a little more incentive to keep grinding these areas, that's all. I don't think that is being unreasonable.

As always thanks to everyone who submitted something it would not be possible without them, and don't forget to have a good weekend!


  1. Well I think the hotfixes just fixed everything which was talked about here. Almost like predicting thefuture

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