Wednesday, April 2, 2014

You Know Nothing About Snow

Here we are in the middle of the week. No better time to start an argument by forming a list right? So what is the list about this week you may ask? Well on Monday I got my Hardcore monk to level 70 and defeated Malthael so punching was on my mind. It got me thinking there are so many memorable moments which have punching in them. So why not make a list about that I thought, and here we are.

5. Ryu

Nothing was better when I was younger than spamming Ryu's uppercut and owning everyone I was playing. So much so that the word Hadouken became and still remains a taunting measure among friends

4. Drake Bar Fight

There are bar fights and then there are bar fights. Not only does this get you right into the start of Uncharted 3 but is basically capped off by you owning this beast of a man with a toliet.

3. Raynor and Tychus Fight

The words will be forever stuck in my head "fix my jukebox". Tychus is just an awesome character and well Jimmy is Jimmy. Having the two buddies go at it was just funny and hilarious at the same time.

2. Lightning Punching Snow

I have talked about this before and it is still epic. Completely unexpected and I suspect one of the moments which made people enjoy Lightning as a character. I honestly could watch this happen over and over and it would never get old.

1. King Hippo

So maybe this dates myself, but how can someone not love King Hippo. Back then you had to figure things out for yourself and when you did there really was a sense of accomplishment. Then came the point where you got to tell everyone else how to do it. You were truly the definition of awesome.

There you have it this week's list. Have any great punching moments you want to share? Let me know.


  1. I laughed so hard in Lightning returns when she said "you know nothing about snow" oh GoT humor

  2. I was an arcade Street Fighter god back in the day and Ken and Ryu were my dudes but... I always thought his catchphrase was "All you CAN!" I just learned something today. :)

    Punch Out was my one and only boxing game of note in my gaming history... there was a dingy pool hall near my cottage that had only one arcade game in it, Punch Out. When I wasn't playing pool there I was playing that game... fond memories, although at this point more about the cottage experience than the game.

  3. Grats on 70 Hardcore still not crazy enough to try that. I will say though that drake bar fight was pretty amazing. Love replaying that part.

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