Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ask Gauss

Sunday and not just any Sunday but the new season of Game Of Thrones starts Sunday. I don't know how you could have forgotten it, but if you did there is your reminder. Even if there is something different this Sunday though doesn't change what we do here in Gauss Land and that is answer some questions so let's do it.

So I can see the drops are better but have your really got any Legendaries which really are that much better than anything else?

Honestly I have. My Softcore Monk has a pretty amazing 2 hander. So amazing in fact that I really have yet to see a better 2 hander out there from anyone. In addition my Softcore Demon Hunter had a pretty amazing quiver drop although still waiting for a weapon to use. Those are just a couple and that is just me. Now I have probably put more time into the game then others, but the drops are out there.

Do you think they will ever make a Game Of Thrones game?

They actually do have one although it is a shitty facebook game. I do hope for something but games based directly off of a story are not always the greatest. Just look at the Lord of the Rings Trilogy games for PS2 they were hit and miss although the Two Towers games I will admit was pretty amazing. So as much as I would love to see what they could I wouldn't know how it would work and the last thing I wouldwant is for the game to fail miserably.

Thoughts on Shadows of Mordor?

I will play it.

It is done. Questions for the week. Thank you to everyone who sent something in and a reminder if I don't get to them here I always answer them anyway. Enjoy GoT and the rest of your weekend!


  1. Shadows of Mordor trailer actually looks pretty good. Although the normal I doingwthis for wife and daughter stuff

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