Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition

For those who know me they know one of my favourite things in gaming or not is dragons. I just enjoy any and all lore I can ever read about them. The creature itself is just a fascination of mine. This also is the reason I got into fantasy in the first place since dragons are pretty much almost everywhere. This was also the reason without even thinking got me to pick up a game known as Dragon Age:Origins back in 2009. The series itself has been one I have been a fan of since the very start. This hasn't changed and I am just as excited to get my hands on the new game in the series which we will be be getting in October known as Dragon Age: Inquisition.

If you have never played a Dragon Age game you really are in for a treat. With everything EA has done wrong over the years Dragon Age is the series which makes me believe they are capable of getting back on track. No screwing up one of my favourite series is also a possibility and doing that might be the final unforgivable fact. So Now I will sit and wait and see which way they will go.

Oh and in case you have yet to see it here is the gameplay trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition 

Do you think they will let me down? Or let you down? Let me know

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  1. Love the games. Should be a great one