Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Destiny Is A Game, Is It Not?

There is so much talk lately complaining about games being remade. Recently Naughty Dog came out and said they will be giving The Last of Us a PS4 upgrade. People were up in arms as this being a money grab for those who already own it. They fail to realize maybe they are not the target audience. You see the Last of Us is widely considered to be one of the greatest games ever made and in my books it actually is, but what about those who didn't get a chance to play it because it was a PS3 exclusive. What about those people who didn't have a PS3 but do have a PS4 now they have that opportunity to play this masterpiece of a game. You see remakes are not always about making the same people buy the games who have already play it. They are also about those who never had the opportunity. Now older games that received an update basically give both parties the opportunity. Those who have played get the better graphics, sound, voice acting etc, and those who never had the pleasure get to play these great games for the first time.

So where is this going? Well this week's list is about those games which fit that perfectly. My top 5 games which should be remade.

5. Base Wars

Sports games in this day in age are getting so close to the actual experience. We have be a pro mode, going through the minor leagues to get to the bigs, games mimicking actual motions of the sports, and so on and so forth. Now this is great don't get me wrong there was a day when I never thought they would get this good. You can also see with the success of the NBA Street and NFL Blitz series that games which go to the other end of the spectrum can also be fun. Base Wars was a baseball game where you didn't have to accept being out you could fight your way to get yourself a home run. You could destroy all your opponents robots so they couldn't even send anyone to the plate and win because of it. I really think it is about time this was brought back.

4. Maniac Mansion

Games which make you think are always a plus to me. When they also have humor and a slight creepy edge as well that just adds to the fun. I remember playing this game back on my Commodore 64. Yes I know that dates me slightly, but it doesn't take away from the fun this game could generate in the current generation of gaming.

3. Soul Reaver

There are very little games out now which have a complex story are challenging and make you want to play them again. Soul Reaver although not the first game in the Legacy of Kain series is by far and away the best of the bunch. I have run into so many younger gamers which have never had the pleasure of this type of experience and well to me that really is a travesty

2. Battletoads

This to me even if my memory of the past is slightly skew is the original rage inducing game. The hardest game I have every played and that is even with me thinking I am overreacting  to how hard it was when I played it. The game besides being hard was although different and fun then everything else. Now the game doesn't have to be released today in its stupidly hard difficulty of the past but like before this is a game which should be experienced by the current generation of gamers.

1. Final Fantasy 7

There are not many games which changed the way games are made. There are also not many games which not only have 1 but 2 of the most iconic gaming characters ever made. This game had both of those things and even more. Now I see the harm in doing this. The game is on one of the biggest pedestals ever constructed. Would a remake expect too much of the game? That I do not know. This really is a game everyone such play jsut for the appreciation factor about what it brought to the industry and really making it current generation would make it much easier for the younger crowd to accept. 

There is the list. What do you all think? Have any you would include? As always let me know.


  1. I really think we will probably never see a ff7 remake for that reason. It is such an iconic game redoing it could only make it falll from grace. Truly the only time we could ever see it is if SE is about to die

  2. Soul Reaver is one of my absolute favorites from all time. The story and combat were way ahead of its time. Bring a remake out we really be amazing

  3. loveme some soul reaver and ff7 currently playing legends of legaia. manic mansion did have a sequal at least with day of the tenticle. id like to see a new quake game that doesnt suck. -khul

    1. Legends of Legaia is great. It did have a sequel just wasn't really up there with MM original. Also find shooters currently focus so much on multiplayer that the single player or story version of the game is pretty much crap. Now this is probably because they believe that is their selling point. Regardless if that is true or not you look at a game like Starcraft and you see it doesn't have to be the way of doing things.