Tuesday, April 8, 2014

You Fail At Adventure Mode If...

Here we are on another Tuesday ready for another Fail Day. Isn't it a wonderful thing pokingfun at the way we or others mess up all the time. Sometimes I think about all the good I have done on Fail Day and just smile. This week we have another Reaper Of Souls focus mostly because that's what I have been playing lately. So sit back relax and get ready to point and laugh.

You Fail At Adventure Mode If...

  • You haven't unlocked it
  • You have yet to find out Normal mode gives you the best chance of legendaries
  • You complain you have no gold when you are always doing bounties on Normal
  • You opened a rift by wondering what this shinny thing was
  • You don't wonder how much Tyrael actually ate
  • You picked up a blood shard and then spent 10 minutes wondering why it wasn't in your bag
  • You switch to a different act before completely the set
  • You cleared the wrong zone for your 100 kills before noticing
  • When someone says split farming you have a confused look on your face
  • You have sold your cache to a vendor
  • You use adventure mode to unlock your followers
  • You try to skip cut scenes

and finally

  • You think Kadala can hear you yelling at her
There you have all the Fail for this week! Good luck not failing today.


  1. Although it is the truth doing bounties on normal seems like cheating

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