Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Toss Me

So I answered an interesting question on this past week's ask Gauss about if I think we would ever see a Game of Thrones game. Now that actually gave me a great idea about what to do with this week's list. Best adaptations into games there has been over the years. Something I did realize though is this doesn't happen in a positive manner anymore. It really seems to work the other way around making games into movies, shows, or books. Back when I was younger it used to always happen and I actually do have some great gaming memories from this happening. So let's take a look.

5. Willow

Way back in 1989 we were graced with this game. Now I have always enjoyed this genre of movie and this may really have been my first taste of it. If you have never seen the movie I do recommend checking it out. Regardless the game followed the movie pretty well and was played out in a Legend of Zelda style. Something I also have fond memories playing back on my NES

4. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

Another movie I enjoyed when I was younger I was thrilled to get my hands on this game. The style of the game was the older model of action adventure and not a full on ARPG we see developed today. Regardless the game played well and was a lot of fun even with the minor differences from the film.

3. Bart Simpson's Nightmare

Bart's Nightmare is the only TV show listing on the list, but regardless is well worth making this list. The game is based off an episode of the the show in which Bart falls asleep writing a paper. It takes you on many adventures all of which will increase Bart's grade on his paper. If only things actually worked that way.

2. Golden Eye

How can you have a list like this without including the game which has defined us by how much we played it. The only reason this game is not getting number 1 is because even though it is based off the movie which came out in 1995 of the same name most of us didn't play it for the single player except to get the unlocks. We played the multiplayer and drove each other nuts for countless hours.

1. Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers

Considered by many to be the greats movie to game adaptation ever made there really wasn't a doubt when i was making this list that it was going to be number 1. Ever since this game came out it seems making games based on movies and television has been in serious decline. The games are not taking seriously and most of the time it is because the games don't have the production value put into them. This game though had seamless transitions and you really thought you were a part of the story. Something even modern ARPGs failed at accomplishing.

There you have it this week's list all there for you to argue about. Tell me what you think agree or disagree.


  1. WILLOW! I love that movie. Had no idea there was a game though

  2. I have recently replayed goldeneye and really the single player really isn't that great of a game it was all about the multiplayer. That said I agree I really don't think it is a contest with two towers

  3. wasn't that Robin Hood game named one one of the best NES games ever?

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