Thursday, April 17, 2014

What Do We Say To Death Today?

Usually I don't toast myself on achievements. I may joke around about it or state my goals and such and such but this is different. The other day I finished my last Diablo Hardcore character hit level 70. That is every class at level 70 hardcore. Now frankly this would have happened earlier but my Hardcore Demon Hunter said yes to death on a day she shouldn't have, which hurt because she was half way through level 69.

So what does this mean? Well this means that I am kind of awesome. Now I understand getting to Level 70 in Hardcore is only half the challenge, but I am not going to let it take away form me. Also because I didn't level safely which is part of the reason my Demon Hunter died. I play to enjoy the game not to level myself scared to die. If it happens what you going to do besides start all over.

It really is just one of those things. You set a goal and try to be done with it. When it is done you feel good about it, but kind of at a loss at what to do next. This post though is about accepting what I was able to do.

For those trying the same. It will be tough and you will have to accept when bad things happen. Elites with terrible affixes. Those times your heart is racing and those boss fights which really have an impact on what comes next. This is the world of Hardcore and if you are going to partake just make you are ready for all those disappointments and of course the satisfaction of your success.

Now time to gear up!

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