Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Here we go the first Sunday of May and maybe just maybe see the sun shine for the first time since Thursday. So what does one do on a day like today? Well doesn't matter really, but I do have to answer some questions first. So let's get that over and done with.

Do you think anyone will ever be happy with Diablo 3?

I think there are plenty of people happy with Diablo III. I have enjoy RoS. You can see this easily by the amount of characters I have leveled on Hardcore and Softcore and the amount of time I have put in. There is always this vocal group of people in any community which will always have something to say. They will never be happy even if they are given exactly what they want. This people may have 200+ hours into a game and complain it is awful and they want more. Diablo III and its expansion are great games you would be hard pressed to find anything close to the same quality for a loot driven ARPG. This is why I hate this Diablo is the popular thing to hate. You don't like the genre then so be it but don't say a game is bad just because you think it is the cool thing to do.

Do you think we will get any information on Legacy of the Void?

I am hoping Blizzcon will have the big reveal for that. I expect Heroes of the Storm to be in Beta maybe even close to release and same goes for WoD. This would really only leave Legacy of the Void as really the only new thing to be coming into its own. I not only have big expectations for the expansion itself but for Starcraft as a whole. This expansion will really be the determining factor of where the series is going, and truthfully where the RTS genre is going as well.

My monk died in Hardcore today.

Lies monks don't die.

Questions answered. Thank you to every who sent something in. If they didn't get answered on here you will still get a response so don't worry, and maybe next time it will get on here. Enjoy waht is left of your weekend!

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  1. Sorry about that guys monk, but really? I also hope LotV isn't too far away they have left us hanging with the story for quite some time. I get that RTS games are not as popular as MOBAs right now which has probably shifted Blizzard's focus but have they ever thought F2P RTS might be a solution?