Thursday, May 8, 2014

Recycled Warfare

So I never make it a secret how I have a distaste for Call Of Duty games. This really has nothing to do with the toxic community it has. Although it is only so much you can take hearing kids voice crack when they tell you they banged your mother all night. It also has nothing to really do with how the games style isn't of interest to me. I can appreciate FPS games for what they are. They are never going to be my favourite games or ones I will be playing non stop, but I know a good game when I see one. So what is it really then?

Well it is simple they release the games so close together with at most minor changes and repackage it as new. Ea even changes more for their yearly sport games then the changes in the CoD games. Most games release new maps and changes this minor in patches. You know patches, which are free. Or sometimes in expansions or DLCs for a fraction of a cost of a brand new game. Not only do these games have DLCs with even less content then most games they still release these "new" games at a yearly rate. They also charge new price as in $60+ for these games, which is disgusting.

Now there will be people saying well people are buying it so they will keep doing that, and that is true. Doesn't mean the practice is correct though. Do you think people will complain if they paid less or if it was just some sort of addon pack? This doesn't even mention how horrible the gameplay of these "new" games seem because it is just a patched up older game.

This is the kind of practice the gaming world needs to rid itself of. It is disgusting and won't stop while people are still participating. We as gamers need to let these companies know it is not ok.

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  1. Completely agree. People need to not just stop buying them but speak out about them. As gamers we deserve the best and should not just settle for what we get