Friday, May 23, 2014

The Kul Tiras Question

So it actually happens quite often when I get into Lore Warcraft Lore conversations with people. We go on and on abut various things. What we believe has been missing or what could actually come to pass. Recently I was having a conversation with Littlepawny and we were talking about Kul Tiras. Figured for this week's Reader Post would share what he had to say.

I feel that they missed their opportunity with Cataclysm to introduce Kul Tiras in the Alliance. They could have easily had Kul Tiras being invaded by the Horde considering that it is an extremely strategical location with proximity to all Alliance positions. It would also serve as adding an Alliance faction with extremely hateful behaviour (ala Admiral Rogers) against the Horde for Derek and Daelin Proudmoore's death. It would also add tension because the Kul Tirans would considering Jaina's actions in Theramore and Varian's forgiveness (assuming he knows, which would make sense), a grand betrayal; this explains their non-existence in the Alliance. They could have also added Calia Menethil as Queen of Kul Tiras along with Admiral Tandred or even having some new dynasty being Lord Admirals with Jaina challenging their claim or something. The possibilities could have been endless and certainly more interesting that what we got with Gilneas. (Although Gilneas made sense in order to introduce a new Alliance race.)

Also, it is note-worthy to mention that Tol Barad is technically Kul Tiran territory (Stromgarde territory before 2nd War) which means that Blizzard did seem to have plans for Kul Tiras in Cataclysm at some point.

As for how they can introduce them post-Pandaria. Considering there won't be another conflict with the Horde, their only hope is with a naga invasion and introducing Kul Tiras as a besieged zone with also potential Vashj'ir like areas. Or, they could simply start reintroducing them when Kul Tiras realises that need to pick a side in the conflict and which returns them to the fold without showing Kul Tiras on the map until the day is right. Or a lovely book which details the participation of Kul Tiras during the Third War (Garithos, Naval War, Theramore) with Daelin Proudmoore and the current-Lord Admiral (e.g. badass Lord-Captain) being the main PoV characters.

However, if they intend to add Kul Tiras, I want them to actually be properly represented and not just being dark green clothed humans. I want Varian to bite his nail and glance towards Jaina in discomfort when he hears that the Lord Admiral is coming to Stormwind.

As always thanks to everyone who sent something in, and enjoy your weekend.

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  1. I just think its dumb we have just open space on the map where it is supposed to be, and then all of the sudden it is just going to be there?