Friday, May 9, 2014

Shall We Moderate?

Wow it is Friday already that really seemed to get here rather quick didn't it? Not that I think anyone would complain about Friday's coming out of nowhere. Seems like a win-win situation to me. Something which really isn't a winning situation at all is Public Games in Diablo. For every capable person you may find there is going to be countless ones who are just wanting to be carried. Part of the reason I stay away from them in general unless it is normal bounty farming. Others though play in the mall the time like Bolkain who has submitted this week's Reader Post and has a suggestion for how things could work to improve the experience for everyone involved.

I frequently join T6 games with the hopes of a rift being open because I usually always open them and I run out (and am too lazy to farm). I have this problem occur to me many times recently. I join, and I now start the game by checking out the gear people wear. I check out the character sheet DPS. I know it's not a good way to judge, but I also look at their items to see if they can handle T6. When a monk who uses crippling wave with concussion rune tells me he is in game and helps by lowering their defense with 200k DPS and 2 mil toughness, I take it with a grain of salt. I don't say anything, and see inside the rift what they can do. Once I see them get one shot by an arrow or something, I proceed to tell them in kind words that their gear isn't good enough and they should consider going to a lower torment. In no way do I say this in a bad way, because I know no one likes attitude from some stranger when they may just be a casual gamer. When elites come and they die like a billion times and I eventually clear it, I tell them again, kindly, that they should reconsider. Many times I do this to get to 70-80% of the rift by me solo clearing with 1-2 people on my back. And I guess when they have enough, they kick me. I get told I am getting kicked. For carrying their game to the rift guardian (or almost), for stating kindly that the highest difficulty in the game isn't for them. 

So, I find that recently more people do this. I join T6, I tell people that they aren't ready, and they kick me. Usually 1-2 people every game. Their reasons for being in T6 with less than 50 paragon and lv 60 gear sometimes are as follows: "I want to have fun", "Want to try it out", "Carry me", etc etc. I know what I am about to say will probably be never implemented, but paragon levels should be used to exclude people who have hit 70 recently from being able to do higher torments. Some kind of restriction needs to be in place. I play this game a lot, but am I no means hardcore. But going through T6 and getting kicked. Keep getting in these situations where I am the bad guy for playing at the hardest level. I hate being the stickler, but I hate even more that when I tell them kindly, the truth, that I get kicked. Everyone knows unless you are godlike, higher torment is no joke (especially with 4 people). Spending sometimes up to 25 mins for 1 rift to be kicked... It is not fun. I already have to put up with the loot system being broken (finding Tal's armor on a WD, or strength gloves on DH, but we know the 15% error or whatever so I'll put up with it) among other things in search of gear everyone else seems to find so easily. Please Blizzard, I ask that you read this and think of something. If I have to put up with more people blatantly wanting to be carried in T6 just to be kicked at the end, I don't know how many hours I can log into this game before I move on. I do commend Blizzard for all the new things they are doing and the patches I just want this game to be the best it possibly can be.

As always thanks to all the submissions couldn't be possible without all of you contributing. Hope your weekend is a good one!

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  1. They could just add a gear ilvl component for public games. If you want to do higher difficulty on your own so be it, but for public games make a requirement.