Tuesday, May 6, 2014

You Fail At Mourning Hardcore Deaths If...

Fail Day, but not your ordinary Fail Day. One which leaves you with a heavy heart. Sunday night I entered a Rift looking to get some more Set Pieces for my Hardcore Demon Hunter. Sadly though she didn't make it out, as you can see from the screenshot above. So today's Fail day is all about Hardcore Deaths and the proper practice.

You Fail At Mourning Hardcore Deaths If...
  • You make jokes or poke fun at any deaths before 10 minutes have passed
  • You don't sit and stare at the screen hoping it didn't actually happen
  • You don't archive your hero
  • The first thought which comes to your mind is stupid lag
  • You don't go through and think about how the death could have been prevented
  • You vow to never play hardcore again
  • You call Customer Service demanding they revive your character
  • You cannot laugh about the death later
  • You never thought the death was going to come
  • You might actually be sadder about that Calamity you had equipped
  • You don't remember all the times you cheated death before this point
  • You forgot about your promise to protect Marco
  • You are not proud of your hall of Fallen Heroes

and finally
  • You died in the same way you had in the past
There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Another Demon Hunter has been started the IV will keep the tradition alive. So to all the fallen Hardcore Heroes I salute you.