Tuesday, May 27, 2014

You Fail At Being Ready For Watch Dogs If...

Fail Day! Not only is it Fail day though it is the Release Day of Watch Dogs a game which not only myself but many of us have been waiting for what has seemed like forever. That all comes to an end today because we get to play. So I figured why not combine two events of the day into one.

You Fail At Being Ready For Watch Dogs If...

  • You didn't mark this release date on your calendar
  • You didn't pre Order one of the 5 collectors editions
  • You are not curious to see the power of the new gaming engine Disrupt
  • You have no clue who Aiden Pearce is
  • You didn't know it was a third person shooter
  • You are not sure what it means to be a "gray hat hacker"
  • You are not familiar with information warfare
  • You don't think Assassin's Creed meets the future
  • The plot of the game doesn't make you think
  • You haven't heard about redefining Open world games
  • You don't wonder why Chicago
  • You are hoping the game is good enough that they will keep the commitment to the movie

and finally

  • You have no idea what Watch Dogs is
There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Here is hoping you are going to be enjoying Watch Dogs with me.

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