Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Damn that weekend went by rather quickly didn't it? Seems almost like it didn't even start yet. If you remember it or not though doesn't change the fact that it actually is coming to an end. Also means rain or shine I will be here answering some questions. So why not get right to it.

Do you think Heroes of the Storm will be a game for casual MOBA players and not professionals?

I really don't know people's obsession with this. I really don't get the arguments about how because you don't have a carry that the game isn't as skillful. Heroes requires so much more team play and organization. One player on either side although can be a better player and can be seen as such. Will never decide a game. Heroes wants the team to be the focus not on if such and such a player farmed enough to get ahead and crush the other team.

Besides that I think people are reading too much into how the game is right now. There is no ranked play in the alpha so every regardless of skill level is playing against others. So it is obvious the game seems easy to the "better" players. There really is no coordination in the current build and that is intended. When things get into a beta it will become much more clear the game will be for everyone. You know like every Blizzard game? 

Are you planning on picking up and reading War Crimes?

I have it and will be reading it. I have always enjoyed the Garrosh character and I am really interested in how his story is being developed. I don't think I will be disappointed but I will be sure to let you all know if I am.

The story itself should also have great insights into the new expansion and how it will evolve much like The Shattering did and to a lesser extent Tides of War. You may say high hopes but really I think with everything that the expansion is going to offer us there better be a pretty good plot which brings us to it, and not just something that was thrown together and it is hoped no questions are asked about it.

Best thing you have seen all week?

You are welcome.

There you have it some questions answered for the week. Hopefully the answers were worth it. Enjoy what you have left!

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  1. That video is epic. Someone needs to make it on a 12 hour loop