Friday, May 30, 2014

What About Aiden?

Here we are on a Friday and a few days into playing some Watch Dogs a game many of us have been waiting for, for quite some time. I did my non spoiler review yesterday, but I figured for the Reader Post this week since myself and a lot of others would be in Watch Dogs mode it would be good to give someone else a go at it. So here is Whiphinio and his wishes to make Watch Dogs even better.

I have to admit, I enjoy this game so much, unlike GTA and Far Cry where you just jump into a vehicle or fast travel, I find myself on foot 90% of the time. It feels great, plus I find there's a lot to entertain yourself with on foot. It's not as if you have to go anywhere, everything comes to you. 

The hacking and Tailing are incredible, I love doing them. At this current time the "average time: 1minute" is complete Bull, but I understand its a new game ,its Ubisoft servers, its early days. However, once in a scenario it is heaven, that ability to observe someone and them not even knowing you are there, even better still, them not knowing you were there at all. The hacking has been a dream with so many times where I can see them running about me and not getting me, proof the profiler isnt an overpowered Sauron eye. Other times ive been so close til they find me, then I escape, not bragging and once again early days, but every hack has been some form of success, whether a hacker failed against me, I evaded with them discovering me, or a complete success where I hacked and was not detected.

I could go on with my enjoyment of this game.

However, there are a few things I would like Ubisoft to do, first of all the team decryption, NEEDS to be fine tuned in the "making up" of the game. In other words, joining in with friends is a LOT harder than it should be, lobbys move on too quickly. Secondly, trying to tail or hack friends NEEDS to be implemented, if you want to stop spamming of the points system, easy, have it so you two can only go into a match once a day, although this could get tedious and frustrating. (They can hack and tail you only once, you can hack and tail them only once). Or ideally to keep the fun going, you could have it so neither gain nor lose any points after 2 or so matches....

Now that I have mentioned two fairly critical points in this superb game, I would like to ask Ubi to PLEASE bring in a leaning and sitting feature much like the Assassins franchise. It would make being on a train more realistic and certainly make the 1v1's more enjoyable from a bystander's perspective, along with a very realistic atmosphere. Now im sure this is not that hard to code in, and surely a patch in the future would be also fairly easy to implement it in. My last wish may be a bit harder, but would like the ability to use an umbrella when its raining, this too would add realism to the characters persona. But these features make it harder to look at the player controlled character. Instead of going: "Hang on.... she's standing next to the wall, not leaning. OR They've all got their umbrella up, but that guy is just walking like its nothing." Now you think about it, when you see a person sitting down you immediately know, that character is not human controlled, because we cant sit down, whereas if you get that feature in, that's 2,4,10,15 people potentially that you have to look at because you are no longer sure.

I just think that these three things would turn an already 9/10 in my books into a solid 9.9/10.  

As always thanks for all of the submissions it would not be possible to do this without all of your contributions. Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I agree the game is great but these things are actually spot on which have the opportunity to make the game even better. The game is new though so there is hope to have some of these things in the future.