Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes it is that day. The last of the weekend. You may now take your moment of silence for the weekend which has passed and the time you wasted. Even if you wasted your time with other things you can still waste your time reading the questions I am about to answer today. So here goes.

Are you excited for Watch Dogs?

Actually yes. I have liked everything I have seen from the game and I really think it has so much potential. Ever since the first reveal from it I have got the feeling it was going to be a game which not only was going to do well but a game I was going to enjoy playing. Add that to the fact it is coming from the same studio as Assassin's Creed series just makes me think it is going to be even more epic. Of course with all this build up there is the chance it could be a let down but I am choosing not to think that way.

So Diablo Anniversary buff is here to stay. Your thoughts?

I think it is a good thing. Now the buff doesn't guarantee you are going to get the legendaries you want but does make them drop more obviously. This also increases your forgotten souls so those who already have the gear they want can then keep rerolling their gear without the fear of using resources which are going to be hard to replenish. One thing I think people are not looking at is how they also permanently increased the amount of rift fragments which will be dropping therefore once again stressing the fact is that really is the best way to play end game. Also this will making completely the tiered rifts when they come out much more accessible without mindless grinding bounties.

So Murky.

Isn't he special. Looks like such a fun hero to play

There you have it all this week's questions answered and now ready for more to be sent in. As always if your question wasn't answered here I will still get to it and you can expect a response soon enough. Enjoy what is left of your weekend!


  1. Watch Dogs looks amazing. Same for me just can't wait to play it

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