Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Passion Which Unites Us All

Today I want to be slightly serious. The world isn't ending so don't worry, and you also aren't dreaming so don't bother pinching yourself. I really just got the itch to talk straight up about something. So that's what I am going to do.

I am often asked why I have such a passion for gaming. Why really is the question. Ever since I was little I enjoyed the thrill of being able to do something I thought was difficult. When I beat such and such a level  keeping at it until it drove me crazy. As I grew older I learned to appreciate other things within games. The setting, the music, the characters, and how they all came together. It was still about having a good time and enjoying it, but became so much more than that. It also became more about those who you played with and those who you could talk to about your experiences.

One of my favourite gaming experiences was the first time I logged on World of Warcraft and really was there within Azeroth. Such a simple thing, but seeing the places not only I read about and played in other games brought to life around me. It really was something which truly is hard to describe. So yes I have a passion for gaming. I would argue though everyone who truly games though does.

Gamers are some of the most vocal people in the world. EA was voted the worst company in America why? Because gamers were angry and they let it be known. Every moment I game just like you is your time and you want to feel like your time was worth it. If you enjoyed something you want others to know you did and will tell them. I bet there has been countless times when you have approached someone saying "You have to try this", or "Simply amazing". Just like there has been times when you did waste your time and you want no one else to do the same. You are vocal about it, you are passionate and respectful of yours and other gamers time.  

We all have this passion. Once you get a gamer stating his opinion it doesn't stop. It doesn't matter if you play on such and such a system, like those types of games or won't go near anything with this or that. We all are gamers and that's why we keep at it that is why we spend our time doing something we love doing. To take something from my Maple Leafs it really is "The Passions Which Unites Us All"


  1. It is true and one thing I think Gamers can do better than most people is agree to disagree. There has been console wars and PC master race crap for years and everyone understands one another even if they don't agree with them.

  2. Well put. I always appreciate when you have your thoughts put into words. Sure there is always good things in your posts and things enjoy reading put when you come out with a post like this every so often they are not looked down upon. Gaming is a way of life to a lot of us and even it is hard to explain to non gamers at least we as a group understand one another