Friday, May 2, 2014

What is Bravery, Without a Dash of Recklessness

Now Dark Souls is mostly a reminder video games cans till be brutally difficult but yet still fun. What many people don't realize is the story behind Dark Souls itself is very complex and interesting. There is also a great deal of mystery with practically everything. So as always when there is mystery it leads to discussion about what is the truth behind everything. This comes in perfectly to this week's Reader Post where Digken has his own theory. Now truthfully I am not normally a fan of it was in their head or they were sleeping or dying in a hospital or such and such sort of theories. Why? Because truthfully anything can come down to that and it also seems like a silly way of ruining a story. On the other hand Digken makes quite the point on how this could go well with the Dark Souls Story. Now obviously there are slight spoilers here so keep that in mind if you keep reading.

In Dark Souls, you are locked in an asylum. But why an asylum? Because you were an undead? cursed? Or perhaps this is all just in your head and that in fact you are crazy and EVERYTHING in Lordran including escaping the asylum was all just in your head. To think about the Dark Souls world, to be cursed. To be able to die over and over is impossible but inside your head what is not possible? 

If you think about how the game was designed storywise, it is imaginative yet simple. What do I mean by simple? Simple as the story doesn't present it to you but rather with the lore in items descriptions. If you were the one in asylum, say you went hollow and the entire journey in Lordran is your imagination. This explains how the npcs do not tell you the detailed story. Only bits of lines of dialogue. As for the item descriptions, memories perhaps from his old life? This theory could explain the vicious cycle of NG+, and NG++, so on. You never actually left the asylum and everything was in your head.

In Dark Souls 2, you begin with an eerie introduction where this old woman is telling you about a murky place , a dream perhaps? A woman holding a baby starts to melt and you appear on the ground of a raining forest. Suddenly, you appear on the door of the firekeeper. Perhaps you never got up from that forest, perhaps you already went hollow in thinking there was a place called Majula and some goal you had to go on to break this curse of the undead in order to keep going. If you didn't realize, every npc you meet has some form of memory loss. Perhaps this is a reflection of youself. The process of losing your own mind and that you already went hollow. And wasn't it weird that you could choose a female character or male character AFTER you meet the fire keepers. How the hell can this be possible? A possible explanation is that the moment you started the journey in things betwixt, you are already in your own imagination. 

Quite interesting indeed. Not saying I agree but really is something to think about. Things go together pretty well. I would like to thank Digken for the submission and everyone else who sent something in. Enjoy the rest of your Friday and obviously for the coming weekend.


  1. Really hope it is not something like this even if it makes sense to everything happening. Seems just like a massive let down. In other news that is one of my fav Dark Souls quotes as the title

  2. I follow but not a fan of it. You shall not ruin Dark Souls! Also I think that line is so amazing because it basically is everything Dark Souls is.