Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hell, It's About Time

So here we are 1 day into Watch Dogs, but I will do my non spoiler review on that tomorrow. Today though is supposed to be all about lists. Now with Watch Dogs coming out yesterday with what many have called the most anticipated game of the year. So that begs the question, what really makes a game anticipated? What makes people want to play it? Then I thought to myself, what really are the games which have been the most anticipated games of all time? Well I figured I would take a shot at it, with what I believe are/were the most anticipated games of all time.

5. Duke Nukem Forever

The game which seemed to be delayed and in the making forever you were wondering what actually was going to be the result. What was it? A game which seemed to be stuck in a time wrap and was so bad it is now the punch line to jokes.

4. Starcraft II

Brood War was a game which really proved gaming itself could be competitive on a massive scale. For years we kept hearing about Starcraft II and Blizzard even joked about the waiting process with the opening cinematic "it's about time"

3. Final Fantasy VIII

Even wasn't even a true sequel, but after what is known by many as the greatest game ever made there was massive excitement to what could possible come next. The game was a masterpiece in itself but is viewed as many as a disappointment because honestly no game could ever live up to the hype it was given.

2. Diablo III

For years we were unsure if we were ever going to see another Diablo game again. When it was finally announced it was happening the build up was something of legend. With what probably was one of the longest beta periods in the history of games. When the game was finally released the servers exploded which will forever be known as Error 37

1. Half Life 3

This game still isn't a thing. It has become a running joke if it ever is going to happen or not. I suppose one day it will but then how could we ever imply something said really meant Half Life 3.

So there is my list. What do you think? Agree or disagree let me know as you always do.

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  1. This blog is evidence half life 3 is coming