Thursday, May 29, 2014

Looking At Watch Dogs

So here I am with my normal Thursday non-spoiler review. So as always this really is going to have to do with gameplay mechanics and how the game feels to play, and truthfully as of this moment I have not completed the game.

First I want to say I enjoy playing the game it is an open world game with details which I have hope will become the norm in this genre. There is something about scaninng off someone and knowing just random things about random NPCs. Like they are on a  liver transplant list. Now I thought at first this might be a to stop mindless killing of civilians and truthfully it does have more an effect then the meter which I still don't believe does anything.

There are tons of side missions and having the option of them becoming multiplayer is quite interesting and makes completely the same type of side quests less boring so I will give creators a high five on that point for the interesting idea. Excluding the car chases missions there really hasn't been anything I haven't liked.

Speaking of the car chases I really think they dropped the ball on this part. The controls seem off and no matter what car you have you cannot "win" unless you preform a "hack". Also the crashes seem rather gimmicky and have started to bug me. Now some of you may like this sort of thing, so it might be just not my cup of tea.

Speaking on the hacking. This really would be one thing I would have changed. I understand they didn't want the game overly difficult but one button "hacks" seem to push the difficulty curve to joke and I was actually hoping for something a little more complex. Not that it makes the game bad I was just expecting a little more difficulty.

Overall I like the game even with the one button hacks it makes you seem like you really are a hero in terms of the situation and the car chases aside I think the game is extremely well designed and a lot of fun to play. I  am extremely interested to see how the story plays out in the end as the story itself has become more complex the more I have played. It is definitely worth playing so if you haven't picked it up yet I would recommend you do so.

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  1. Car chases are awful it actually ruins the game somewhat for me