Wednesday, May 7, 2014

No Old Friend, You Have Freed Us All

So here we are in the middle of the week where I was just sitting around and thinking. I know can be a dangerous thing to do at times. I wasn't really thinking about this  week's list, but then it did come to me making a decision about it. I was thinking about how cinematics have become just an important part of the gaming scene. It used to be it was all about the credits and what you would see before the final "The End" showed up. Now we don't just have cinematics at the end of games they are all throughout. So with that I thought about what are my favourite cinematics of all time? Are they ones which served for great story telling? Ones which just had the epic feel? Or Ones that just made you want to play the game? Well let's find out shall we?

5. Letter To Claudia

One of the best intros to a game you will ever find showcasing the skills of one of the best characters ever in gaming history. This cinematic shows what it truly means to be an Assassin and really makes you appreciate what you did in previous games to get to this point, this revelation.

4. You Cannot Judge Me

Tyrael is one of the most beloved characters from the Diablo franchise and seeing him as a mortal is extremely weird and feels off once you find out it is him. This cinematic really is the definition of epic and has the line no one will ever forget even if they forget everything else about the game itself.

3. En Taro Tassadar

There are few cinematics which give you "dem feels", but this is certainly one of them. I have not known anyone who knows even the most minuscule knowledge of Starcraft who doesn't love Tassadar. There are characters in games who would do anything for their people, but would they give the ultimate sacrifice for everyone because they knew it could only be them.

2. Final Fantasy VIII Intro

Without a doubt the greatest into to any game, and I challenge any game to top this. This game cinematic is one that introduced a countless gamers to the world of RPGs. Every time I watch it I want to start of a game of Final Fantasy VIII. Even though I know everything about it. It still has that power, which really is remarkable 

1. Grom Kills Mannoroth

You see Tassadar was basically a God amongst mortals. He could do anything and chose to sacrifice himself because he knew it was the only way. Grom was nothing like that. He was the Orc who started the demon curse, which lead to enumerable horrifying acts. Some would save he doomed the Orcs to the life they found themselves in. This is not only the moment of his redemption it is the moment which allowed the Horde to exist. Lok'tar Ogar Grommash Hellscream.

There you have it my favourite Cinematics. There were so many to choose from and realyl I feel bad about leaving some off the list, but 5 means 5. Let me know what you all think, which would you have included?


  1. Cata opening is one I might include but as always that ff8 opening is still the one to beat

  2. Man tears have been shed for Grom many times