Thursday, July 3, 2014

Amazing And Slightly Insane

So there are many things people do in WoW which the general public would find insane. There are also many things people do in WoW which others WoW players find absolutely crazy. Then there is what Doubleagent has done. What is it you ask? Well check him out on Armory. Still don't see it? Well he is a Level 90 Pandaren Shaman who is neutral. He never chose a faction. Who is this possible you ask? Well he never ended up choosing a side you level entirely using Herbalism, and Mining,.

Yes just take all of that in for a minute. He never left the island. His entire leveling experience was borderline painful, but achieved it. Why did he do such a thing? Well at first he said it was just a joke then went on to complete it because a friend of his said it couldn't be done. Now if he is anything like me then the only thing to actually do was do it.

This really is quite an amazing feat and he does intend to keep his neutral status as long as it is possible, which is good to hear as it would be disappointing if he did all the work and then gave up on it.

If you are interested in reading more about his entire experience check out his post on WoW Forums where he answers all the questions you might have.

Once again grats to him on this amazing and borderline insane achievement.

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  1. That really is something amazing and also batshit crazy level