Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Trifling Gnome

Well how is everyone on this happy day in the middle of the week most often refereed to as Wednesday. I am good have a one good day of Curse of Naxxramas Hearthstone under my belt, and I must say I like it. It is a good change of pace and although I haven't messed around in constructed with the new cards I am guessing that it will really mess with the meta. With that in mind I figured I would give all of you my top 5 Favourite Hearthstone Cards pre Naxxramas

5. Al'Akir

Now most of you at this point as asking why in the world would you like this card. Well the answer is rather simple it was my first legendary and holds a special place in my heart. Also it doesn't completely suck with some buffs it can really be a game changer

4. Leeroy Jenkins

The card so many people hate playing against because the whelps hardly if ever come into play. Really a great finisher and power overwhelming makes this card truly something scary.

3. Ragnaros 

I was lucky and got my Ragnaros pretty early. He has won me more games then I can count and in other cases has angered me to no end by killing 1-1 minions over and over again. Still he makes me happy.

2. Faceless Manipulator

The only legendary not on my list, but it doesn't mean it is not something to be feared. Countless times I have copied what my opponent thought might be a sure win coming their way or I have created an army of giants which has caused more rage quits then I could possibly count. Good times.

1. Lord Jaraxxus

Don't think this was ever in doubt. Even if it was jsut the emotes he creates it would be worth it, but it really is so much more. The fact he is like a heal and basically causes your opponent to go into panic mode just adds to his awesomeness. WELL PLAYED!

So what are your favourite cards? And do you think any of the new cards will make you change your mind? Or even mine? Let me know as always. 

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  1. I still think Rag is slightly OP. I know it is random but it is really a free 8 damage. To me the player should get 1 turn to deal with it and the damage should happen at the start of their turn not the end.